Bigger Isn't Always Better...

>> Monday, November 8, 2010

I like the underdogs.

The ones who are quietly plodding along for God.

Those whose good deeds go virtually unnoticed by other men because they are too focused on Christ to put themselves in the spotlight.

I like the pastor who shepherds a small flock of sheep faithfully.

He knows that they are not his sheep and continually points them to the Good Book where they can hear the Voice of the One they belong to.

The fruits of the Spirit will not thrive in the atmosphere of me, me, me.

Additives ruin the message of the Gospel.

Entertainment is a distraction.

God can be worshipped magnificently in a dingy basement if the hearts of His people are prostrate before Him.

Otherwise you just have a really expensive building where God does not dwell.

In the land of bigger and better, the view of God has become smaller and smaller.

I don't want to play in that land.

Give me the authentic and Holy Jesus who sits with His Father.

He is good enough as is. We don't need to fashion Him in our own image.


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