On Motherhood...

>> Thursday, January 19, 2012

 I look at his tiny face and the way his hair is swooped just so. 

 I allow my eyes to examine the contours of his face

praying that they find a safe hiding place in my memory banks.

I touch his hands and curl his little fingers around mine.

I am not one to turn them down when they come to me in the night.

I know these moments are fleeting.

I know that  they won't last.

Even though there are moments when I wish to be left alone,

one day I will be just that.


I remember the feeling I had when I gave birth to my first child.

For nine months he was literally attached to me.

Just like that...he was out of me.

This was the beginning of letting go.

It hurt deep.

As each year passes I have to let go a little more

until the day comes when I am a left woman.

This is the rub of motherhood.

These beautiful little people will grow up to be big people someday.

This home that I share with them now will one day just be a memory.

They will find a new home.

I pray that if nothing else, I can point them to streams of Living Water...

and I pray that they drink.


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