Life, Unfurled...

>> Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our life is made up of a series of defining moments;

 it’s just that many of them pass us by without our ever noticing.

We serve a God who lets nothing go to waste.

In the midst of those defining moments there can be found that one moment, that one event

that changes the course of our life…forever. 

People do crazy things when their world falls apart all around them.

Some become shells of who they used to be,

fooling you on the rare occasion when the twinkle briefly returns to their eyes.

Others become bitter.

It’s as if that empty shell begins to fill up with so much hurt and pain

that the remnants of that person’s heart become hardened;

the angles of their soul violently curving this way and that

turning them into these breathing robots

with very rough edges.

If we were to backstep across the terrain of their life,

we would find those events that threatened to crush them

and maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to point fingers.


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