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>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Although the collective Church has many weaknesses,

ever so slowly

 little communities and congregations are being transformed all over the globe,

and after the impurities are skimmed away,

a group of people who look more like Jesus than ever before are emerging,

and it's a beautiful thing.

Maybe you won’t find yourself agreeing with all of the points of view

that are found among those who call themselves Believers,

but what you will find is a certain coherent continuity:

a people with the desire to love Christ

and serve Him in the communities they find themselves in. 

When taking a horizontal approach to trying to fix the condition we find the Church in,

it seems hopeless.

Unity seems improbable and impossible. 

This is because most of us are vertically challenged

in the spiritual sense.

 My hope is that through open and honest dialogue,

we will all learn to fix our eyes heavenward

 and focus on the cross.

 Let that be our starting point.


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