Walking a mile in their shoes

>> Monday, August 9, 2010

For over a year I have been working very hard on writing a book about unity in the Body of Christ.

I figured it would be easy.



I didn't realize that the foundations of everything I ever learned or believed about God would be rocked (again).

I had already questioned and wrestled and doubted.

I had already gone through all of the what ifs and worst case scenarios.

I had already studied the different perspectives outside of the Christian faith...and lived many of them.

So when I started to experience the shaking of my faith in Tsunami wave proportions, I was taken off guard (even though I prayed to be protected).

I started to read and devour anything I could get my hands on from Christians of all different stripes and colors...

and then I started to think like them.

All of them.

As I read their works and commentaries,

I began to see through their eyes (even though I tried not to).

I got them.




For a short time I became emergent in my thinking.

A five point Calvinist (with four point leanings).






Kingdom minded.

A cessationist.

A continuationist.

I wrestled.

I questioned.

I doubted.

And finally...

I surrendered.

At this point of the journey, I have to admit that I have more questions than I have answers. However, I do know that these answers can be found in His Word. I can look back and see that those tsunami waves were used to prune away the garbage and faulty thinking I had picked up from a worldy version of Christianity.

For a girl who has spent her whole life looking for concrete answers, I have learned to lean not on my own understanding (or anyone else's, for that matter) and look to His Word when I am in doubt.

I have learned (and am learning) to take nothing as gospel truth...except for the Gospel.

I am learning that at the end of the day, I have to take it to God and His Word.

If what is being said (no matter how respected the person speaking is) does not line up with the Word, I have to disregard it.

I don't know exactly where my theology will end up...

and I don't exactly care.

I just care that it lines up with His Word and that I am held safely in His hands.

If we are not showing more love and compassion for people, maybe we aren't grasping His Word.

If we are not eating, sleeping and breathing the Words of His book, maybe we aren't getting it.

But He does.

He does.

If we keep seeking after Him, He will lead the way.

I am latching onto His coattails.

I am sure there is room for you (if you repent and believe, that is)...


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